Europeans help Europeans


Who we are

Three professors at the University of Constance:

Daniel Dietrich, Christof Hauck and Andreas Marx

who received the 2021 University Council Award for their contributions to the SARSCOV2 pandemic, decided to use the prize money to help refugees from Ukraine who had to flee the Russian-inspired war in Ukraine.

Dan Dietrich and his partner Silke Rumpf are already hosting a family with small children from Ukraine at their home. This has led to experience of what refugees from Ukraine need in the short and long term.

Daniel Dietrich is the sole person responsible for the content and presentation of this website.

The goals of this website are supported by all three award winners.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Dietrich

University of Constance

Prof. Dr. Christof Hauck

University of Constance

Prof. Dr. Andreas Marx

University of Constance